Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grilled Spicy Grounded Lamb Patties

Grilled Lamb Patty

Grounded Lamb
Seekh Kabab Masala
Red Pepper
Black Peper

Spiced & Doughed Grounded Lamb on Grill


Grilled Lamb with Chutney

Cooking Instructions:
1) Buy 1 Pound Grounded Lamb or prepare one at home.
2) Make a paste of the Masala:

  • Seekh Kabab Masala (Three Table Spoons), 
  • Red Pepper (One Tea Spoon) and 
  • Black Pepper (Two Tea Spoon)  and 
  • Salt (One Tea Spoon) 
  • with some Oil (One to Two Tea Spoon) .

3) Mix the paste in the Lamb dough thoroughly.
4) Flatten the Dough into small Patties as shown above.
5) Place them on the Grill.
6) Heat the patties till it appears as shown above and also make sure the content is not raw.
7) Enjoy your patties with Bread or Burger Bun and some lettuce and tomatoes or with some Chutney(as shown in the Picture above).

Chutney: Coriander Powder,Yogurt

Note: Usually it takes about 10 minutes after placing the patties on a pre-heated grill. Heating time also depends on the wattage of your grill. Ensure that you turn the patties upside down intermittently so that it is evenly heated.


Photo Courtesy: Nitin Dhar
Cooked by: Nitin Dhar
Copyright 2012 -Till Date


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